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Commuter Savings Calculator

Estimated Cost of Driving
Commute days per month:      
Parking cost per day:              
Miles driven each way:           
Average vehicle cost per mile:
Monthly cost to drive:              

Estimated Payback
Commute days biked per month:
Cost of Bicycle:                            
Cost of accessories and clothing:
Total cost:              
Payback in months:







Even if you only ride occasionally, the savings of bicycling instead of driving are substantial—and you probably already own a bike! Enter your numbers above, then hit the Calculate buttons to see your savings. And, remember the other great benefits, like how much healthier you'll be, how much better you'll feel at work, how easy it is, and how much fun you'll have riding! We're hooked on bicycling and living green. Stop in today and let us show you how to save!