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Cycling at Fort Gordon Range Road

Would you like to ride Fort Gordon’s “Range Road” Bicycling Routes, but aren’t sure how to get access to the Base or where to go?  
Well, we've got you covered! 

Range Road is an awesome place to ride, with lots of great hill climbing, and it’s very safe with very little vehicular traffic!  If you love cycling and haven’t experienced Fort Gordon’s Range Road Routes, you should check it out!
However, before you can ride on Fort Gordon, you must obtain a base pass, plus a permit to ride the cycling routes.

Here’s the process:

  1. Obtain your Fort Gordon Annual Visitors Pass. This pass will allow you to access the base for a full year.
  2. Register on the iSportsman Web site and obtain your Permit to Ride Range Road. This permit costs $5 and you must complete a short, online safety briefing before you will be allowed to purchase the pass. This permit will allow you to ride the cycling routes, and you will log into this site and check in and check out each time you ride Range Road. 

A picture containing person, man, orange
Description automatically generatedSPECIALIZED Brand Ambassador, Bob Ford, will host a Fort Gordon Ride at 9:00 AM Saturday, June 20th to show you the routes! There is a 15 mile route and a 23 mile route, and we plan to ride both that day (the 23 mile route is on the 15 mile route, with an additional 8 mile extension).  If this ride becomes popular, we’ll look at add additional rides this year!

Here are links for these two rides – all the ride details will be posted on the Facebook Event pages.

June 20th:

Email Bob at if you have any questions or if you frequently ride Fort Gordon Range Road and would like to help show cyclists the routes on one of thes ride days.

(also referred to as the Automated Installation Entry (AIE) Card) 

Send an email to Mr. Neil Smith ( and request the documents necessary to obtain an annual pass so you can cycle on Range Road. He will email you the forms you will need to fill out. Return the forms with copy of driver’s license and SSN card, which are necessary for Security to process your request and issue the annual pass. The time needed varies and it can take several weeks to obtain your pass, so please start this process as soon as possible so you will be able to join one of our rides! Once your pass has been approved, you will pick it up at the Visitors Center at the Main Gate.  Here are some additional useful links: 

Fort Gordon MWR Link:
Fort Gordon Gate Information Link:


Register on “Isportsman” and obtain your annual permit to ride the two bicycle routes. This permit cost $5 and you must complete a short, online safety briefing in order to obtain purchase your permit, so you are familiar with rules and regulations for riding Range Road. When riding on Fort Gordon, you should bookmark this site on your smartphone, so you can log in prior to riding.  Once you are done riding, you will log back in and check out. This is a very important safety requirement and Security Personnel could stop and check you while riding to ensure you have checked in. Also, if you neglect to check out after completing the ride, they will call your number to check on your status. 

Visit to register for your permit to ride Range Road.
Also See for Bicycle Riding Information.