The Canal Crown 2019

11th Annual

Trail Work Party - Sunday, May 25
Thursday Night Throwdowns!
June 6 + June 13
Series end Awards Gala - Saturday, June 15

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It's time for some local, grassroots-style MTB racing at the
11th Annual Canal Crown MTB Time Trial Series!

Whether you're a seasoned MTBer or just getting started, this event is a good time guaranteed.  This race series is all about having some fun with friends on your bike in the woods.
Who will be crowned the King and Queen of the Canal Singletrack
It could be you!
Race Format
Racers will be sent off in 10 to 20 second intervals (expert classes will go first), fastest riders first to minimize passing, for one lap (including up/down the stairs).  Each racer has the option to race 1 Clockwise and 1 Counter-Clockwise race to go for the overall win in their class.  To compete for the overall series awards you must race both directions.  Race direction will be based upon the race date.  If there's enough rain before a race that damage to the trail could be caused, it will be announced here.  All results from each race will be posted here.  Overall results will be announced at the series-end party.

$10 per race. 
$5 per race, for current SORBA-CSRA members.
No IOU's.
Entry fees will be used to pay for the awards party and trophies at the end of the series. Any net funds will be saved for trail improvement projects.  Feel free to stop by AJBW to pre-register for the race.

Registration will start at 6:30pm at the main trailhead. 
The first racer will be sent off at 7:00pm

If time is an issue, feel free to stop by the store to pre-register for each race, or the full series, by 5pm.

The closest parking area is Eisenhower Park.  Other options are the new Lake Olmstead trailhead, the KROC Center/Mill Village trailhead, and AJBW.

Classes are Novice, Sport, Expert, Novice Women, Sport Women (new class, but we need 3 racers to make the class), Expert Women, and Youth.  It's up to you to choose the class you feel most comfortable racing in.  Not sure where you fit in?  Look at the times from previous years below.  To make sure each class is represented fairly and to keep things competitive, we reserve the right to move you up, or down, a class.

Trophies will be awarded to the top 3 racers in each class at each race. 
The top 3 overall in each class will receive custom made, one of a kind trophies at the series end party. 
$$$ SPECIALIZED equipment of the winner's choice will be distributed amongst first place in each category.

Series End Party
The party will be held at AJBW at 6pm. 
All racers and volunteers are invited, please RSVP via email.