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Andy Jordan's Pro RMX 2 Wedge

Andy Jordan's Pro RMX 2 Wedge
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The Andy Jordan's Pro RMX 2 Wedge is made in the USA by Inertia Designs. The Pro RMX2 is scaled up to a volume that will hold a 29er tube, two large 25g CO2 Cartridges, an air chuck, patch kit, tire levers, and some coffee money. Lined completely with ¼” #2cross-linked foam the RMX2 will not shake or bounce with the 1.5” hook and loop secured to your seats rails. The oversized hook and loop eliminates the need for a seat post strap making the bag perfect for dropper seat posts, suspension seat posts, and aero seat posts. This bag will mount to any bike with ease! The best materials do cost more, but in the long run this bag will hold up for many years.

Part Numbers

720855-01-AJBW BAGS0948