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Specialized Body Geometry Fit


-One of the most comprehensive and effective fit services available, proven by Pro-Tour level racers across the world.  You too can, "Be one with your bike."
-Pre-fit interview
-Flexibility assessment
-Side view fitting (x-plane and y-plane)
-Front and rear view fitting (z-plane)
-Post-Fit follow-up
-All Body Geometry Fits are performed by technicians trained at Specialized headquarters.
-2.5hr - 3.5hr process
-By appointment only.

Body Scanning Bike Sizing


-Records 5 measurements from the rider's body that are used to calculate proper bike size and setup.  
-Output of calculations include suggested saddle height, saddle setback, bar reach, bar width, and bar drop.
-Approximately 1hr process

Fit Adjustments and Consultation


A properly fitted bike increases comfort as well as efficiency.

Schedule your fit today and you'll be riding further, faster!

All fitting services are by appointment only.

Pricing does not include parts.