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We honor all factory discounts, plus shipping, on all bicycles!

Body Geometry Fitting


-Aero Road or Tri bike fit $324

-A comprehensive and effective fit service, proven by Pro-Tour level racers across the world.  You too can, "Be one with your bike."
-Pre-fit interview
-Flexibility assessment
-Side view fitting (x-plane and y-plane)
-Front and rear view fitting (z-plane)
-Post-Fit follow-up
-All Body Geometry Fits are performed by trained fit technicians.
-2.5hr - 3.5hr process
-By appointment only.
Pricing does not include parts or equipment needed for proper fit.

All Fit Services, By Appointment Only

There is a $35 no-show fee for any missed appointment date without a 24 hour notification.

Fit Adjustments and Consultation


A properly fitted bike increases comfort as well as efficiency.

Schedule your fit consult and you'll be riding further, faster, and more comfortably!

All fitting services are by appointment only.

Pricing does not include parts.

1 Hour Minimum