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OTBP Monthly All-Terrain Ride

You down with OTBP?

Off the Beaten Path Ride (08/26/16) from Matt Smith on Vimeo.

Go OTBP with the AJBW crew!  OTBP (Off the Beaten Path) is our mixed surface, all-terrain ride held the last Friday of every month.  The 15ish-20ish mile route varies from month to month, with most rides starting and ending at AJBW.  Routes will traverse paved, dirt and gravel roads, plus some grass, and on occassion a section or two of singletrack trail.

Ride requirements:
-Bring an appropriate bike in good working order, your emergency repair kit, a helmet, water bottles/hydration pack, front/rear lights, and any necessary nutritional items.
-Drop-bar bikes like cyclocross bikes, gravel bikes, touring bikes, or adventure bikes are the recommended weapon of choice.  Due to some rough areas along the route, we highly recommend running tires at least 35mm wide.  If you're willing to work a little harder on paved sections, mountain bikes are okay too.
-Speeds at any given time vary, but the typical average moving speed across the ride is 15ish mph.    

Join us the last Friday of each month! 

Good times roll from the store at 6:30pm sharp.