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Andy Jordan's Bicycle Warehouse + PACELINE

Jump on our wheel and join our Paceline as we ride to cure cancer May 30th!  Riding bikes in a paceline is a far more efficient, faster way to ride.  And that same concept is true here.  If we work together, we'll raise more funds and ride cancer right off our wheels!
Working as a team, we were able to raise $6,284 for cancer curing research at the our local Georgia Cancer Center last year!  Let's go for $10,000 for 2020!

There are a several ways you can help cure cancer faster.  

1) Donate Now to the Andy Jordan's Bicycle Warehouse/Paceline campain.  No dollar amount is too small, or too large.  100% of your donation will fund cancer research at the Georgia Cancer Center in Augusta, GA.

2) Join our team and become a fundraiser for the Paceline Ride!  The are several ride distances and fundraising minimums, including a virtual ride option!  
Join the AJBW team for Paceline and be entered to win a free Paceline jersey!  

3)  Share this page and let others know how they can help!

About the Paceline Ride

Paceline is not only a ride - it is an experience. An experience that will forever impact lives in Georgia and around the world. 100% of your fundraising will fund life-saving cancer research at the Georgia Cancer Center.

Join us May 29-30, 2020 in Augusta, GA for an amazing evening of entertainment and food followed by an incredible, fully supported ride through the beautiful Georgia terrain the following morning.

Together, we can cure cancer faster!