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Grail of the Gauntlet

In the annals of time fortune has favored the bold.  History abounds with tales of mythical quests for prominence and prowess.  What shall your tale be now destiny hath summoned thee?

Your journey will begin along the fabled Lock to Lock and, if fate allow, culminate with the conquering of the metaphysical struggle that is the DD Century.

If you so choose to undertake said odyssey, it must be completed within 12 turns of the calendar.  Succeed, and the Grail of the Gauntlet will be yours!

Each route along your journey must be done in the following order and to deviate from path laid before thee, said path must be impassable.

Lock to Lock

Dusty Roads

Dirty South

Great Grandpa

DD Century

Before you embark on your epic journey you must unite with ambitious adventurers like yourself by joining the distinguished AJBW Club 100.  With each achievement chronicled into the archives of Strava your legacy shall forevermore be the stuff of legend and lore.